Linux: poesia nella documentazione del kernel ?

Davvero curiosa questa disputa sulla quantità di poesia presente nella documentazione del kernel di linux… La cosa sembra seria (!), fino alla “denuncia” di una infezione poetica che distorcerebbe la direzione (di sviluppo) del kernel… e chi pensava che la poesia fosse anni luce lontano dalla programmazione al computer, dovrà proprio ricredersi, stavolta ! 😉

Andrew Morton noted that he would consider the documentation patches for inclusion in the 2.6.23 kernel, to which Rusty replied, “indeed, no code changes, and I feel strongly that it should go into 2.6.23 because it’s *fun*. And (as often complained) there’s not enough poetry in the kernel.” Linus Torvalds quipped, “there’s a reason for that,” going on to rhyme, “there once was a lad from Braidwood, with a wife and a hatred for FUD, he hacked kernels for fun, couldn’t get them to run, but he always felt that he should.” He added, “so when you say ‘there’s not enough poetry’, next time you’ll know why. You *really* don’t want want poetry.” This led to numerous additional poetic submissions about which Rusty noted, “there was a poetic infection, which distorted the kernel’s direction, the code got no time, as they all tried to rhyme, and it shipped needing lots of correction.”

Linux: Poetry in Documentation | KernelTrap

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