giovedì 15 maggio 2008

Some links for 05/15/2008

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    • Fedora 9 will include KDE 4.0.3 by default, so this is a look at the progress of one of the major free desktop environments. KDE 4.0 was released January 11, 2008 after a couple of years of discussions and hype. The initial release was followed by a succession of minor releases that fixed many of the glaring bugs. The project that was initiated on October 14, 1996, so its developers have nearly a decade of experience now. While a lot of things have changed, there is still a familiar feel from its initial days. So what has changed?
    • The new Kickoff menu is a bit unusual and takes time to get used to.
    • The KDE project has taken a big risk, hoping to jump-start innovation. I hope they get it right. Along with the interesting acquisition of Trolltech by Nokia, the future is exciting and uncertain… and that’s just the way I like it.

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    • Google Spreadsheets added an option in the sharing dialog that allows anyone to view or edit the spreadsheet just by knowing the URL. Until now, you had to send an invitation URL that contained a secret code and the people you invited had to login using a Google account.
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    • In impaziente attesa (per parte mia) della release ufficiale! Per ora sto familiarizzandomi con Daryna, la precedente release (e con l'ambiente dsktop Gnome). Dopo fatto l'aggiornamento desktop deciderò se passare a Mint anche sul portatile o restare con Kubuntu. - post by mcastel
    • Come ci annuncia il team nel blog ufficiale, è stata rilasciata la prima beta della popolare distribuzione Linux Mint 5, conosciuta con il nome in codice Elyssa, basata sulla precedente distribuzione Daryna e su l’ultima distribuzione Ubuntu Hardy 8.04.

      Le novità sono diverse e come sempre, Linux Mint punta ad un’interfaccia grafica pulita e funzionale.

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