Zoho aggiorna il proprio foglio elettronico online

Zoho Sheet just had an update with some nice features. Here are the highlights:Enhanced Sidebar and Batch Operations:If you are a regular user, the immediate thing you will notice is that the sidebar, which lists your spreadsheets, has undergone some changes. It now displays an icon next to the name representing whether it is shared or public or private. There are different filtered views like “Shared by Me”, “My Public Documents”, “Last Created (10)” and “Last Modified (10)”. You can also sort the spreadsheets by Name / Created Time / Modified Time. It will remember the last selected view the next time you login.

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Dite quel che volete, ma la differenza tra un programma residente sul computer (openoffice, excel..) e questo eccellente Zoho Sheet, si sta facendo sempre più piccolina…

PS carino il nuovo tema grigetto.. 🙂

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